About Comsystems​

COMSYSTEMS® is a professional Communications Systems & Engineering of Radio Products & Communications Networks with more than 40 years of experience. Founded in Tunis, Tunisia, in 1978, COMSYSTEMS™ was initially based on the Danish radio-communications products distribution: “Storno” in North Africa, Mr. Antoine Gandolfo was the first pioneer in Radio Communication Company in the area. In 1988, COMSYSTEMS™ became a Motorola Distributor for the same area, and the Corporation is headquartered in Menton France.


In 2000, COMSYSTEMS™ in Naples, Florida, USA continued to be a Distributor of wireless communication systems and was founded with the goal of creating a high-tech engineering company with a background based on great products and collaboration with serious partners & consultants.
R & D division was created for special requests for specific customers
Now we serve radio communication dealers worldwide and we provide a professional maintenance service to our customers. We also offer a range of accessories including  HFantennas, and other accessories for professional radios at competitive prices.
COMSYSTEMS™ provides its customers solutions with the capabilities to increase the efficiency of their day-to-day operations thereby Reducing costs, increasing revenues, and improving utilization.
Through expertise in radio propagation, COMSYSTEMS™ enables to design of the most appropriate radio system for a specific purpose. Consequently, every radio system is unique!
Tailor-made system designed specifically for each project, according to the customer’s operational and economic requirements. COMSYSTEMS™ is able to design, deliver, install, commission, service and maintain almost any kind of radio communication system Tailored to meet our customer’s exact requirements.

Nowadays COMSYSTEMS® provides solutions to global Defense and Security customers, we have extensive operational proven expertise in voice, video, and data transmission and reception technologies. Our know-how in combining HF/VHF/UHF radio networks with telephony, satellite, and IP LAN/WAN networks has resulted in the implementation of integrated Government communications infrastructures for triple-play (voice, data, and video) applications.


We Design products as a part of “Customized Radio Solutions™”. We do installation, maintenance, training & expertise. Coverage’s audits or feasibility especially for Governmental agencies or security services.


We can suggest online to have a quote

  1. HF, VHF/UHF Professional radios: Bases, mobiles & portable radios ;
  2. HF/SSB long-range of tactical radios to suit mobiles, bases, or manpack transceivers, offering the full range of communications capabilities (voice; data,
    fax, internet…) and encrypted products.
  3. HF Professional Antennas.
  4. Accessories and parts related to our professional product.
  5. Tailormade tactical solutions for specific needs and more…
  6. Training in English & French on request.

Keep in touch with us solutions@comsystems.com